OrcID for Darrell Ulm Research Profile

There’s an interesting new site, called ORC ID, to store publications, in this case computer science research.

I think there may be more options I’ve not looked into yet in setting it up, but seems like a straightforward research listing site that allows the user to edit the publication entries and import them via bibtex format.



Drupal 8 Migration Tutorials

Starting to compile lots of information about Migrating from Drupal 8 from either Drupal 6 or Drupal 7. Some very good tutorials are available, and I’ll update as needed to post more as I find them.

It’s good to see so much information out there as many sites have already been migrated to Drupal 8.


Drupal 7 Configuration Technical-Notes

Listing here Drupal specific configuration notes for remembering and links to instruction pages on Tumblr to separate them from Ubuntu/Linux specific technical notes. Can add tech-notes to this about Drupal and PHP-MySQL related Drupal as I find them.


Ubuntu 16.04 Drupal Web Dev Quick Setup Notes

Some notes on Tumblr for web development setup after installing Ubuntu Linux 16.04, mainly for me to remember. The later notes are specific for Drupal and/or a PHP environment.


Apache Spark, Scala, Approximation Algorithm for 0-1 Knapsack

A quick pass at the Scala version of an approximation solution to the  0-1 knapsack problem is very close to the Python version. The post of this is over here.

Using a window function via SQL may have been a better way to go to find the partial sums of weights, after calculating all the ratios of item profits over the select function used:

sum(weights) OVER (ORDER BY ratio desc) as partSumWeights

and the Windows function would likely be more clear.

Apache Spark should be able to be used for all types of problems that can be expressed directly using data-parallelism, and with specific coding, more complex algorithms.

It will be interesting to see how Spark Dataframes perform in terms of run-time analysis for more complex parallel algorithms, well more complex than the greedy 0-1 knapsack.