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This lists 8 research papers currently in computer science authored or co-authored by Darrell Ulm.

Here are the Pubzone Listings for Research Papers, Darrell Ulm, and it does not look like PubZone has been updated overall in some time.

Pubzone is still an interesting resource to look up some research papers.

Stream PRAM Research Paper, Computer Science, Darrell Ulm, at PubZone

The PubZone Entry for Stream PRAM by Darrell Ulm

This is the entry in Pubzone for Stream PRAM, International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium, 2005, Darrell Ulm.

The Stream PRAM idea is to extend PRAM to have multiple instruction streams, although in retrospect the Bulk Synchronous Parallel model was really the one to watch, as it has influenced projects like Hadoop and Apache Spark.

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Here are partial abstracts concerning academic papers by Darrell Ulm at Microsoft Academic Search.

The updates to Microsoft Academic are an improvement, and it looks like they needed to modify link structure to implement the changes.

Now they show sources for each publication, for example:

This is a nice automatic organization of all the sources, and finding the actual paper is definitely easier now.