Darrell Ulm Drupal Module (Contrib.) Google Books at GitHub

A contributed Drupal Module by Darrell Ulm: Google Books

This is a link to a contributed Drupal module coded by Darrell Ulm in PHP for Drupal which uses the Google Books API to pull Google Books data into Drupal for use as a Drupal Text Filter.


Data Parallel Compiler Optimizer Code in C, by Darrell Ulm

The GitHub IO Page for a Data Parallel Compiler Optimizer by Darrell Raymond Ulm links to the GitHub Pages for a data-parallel compiler optimizer, written in C for Unix / Linux.

Darrell Ulm software development profile at OpenHub

Link shows past work, much has moved to GitHub for Darrell Ulm.

For work that was done further back before GitHub, some information is at: Darrell Ulm, Open Source Software profile at OpenHub, which is an interesting site to show open source contributions.

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Darrell Ulm

Darrell Raymond Ulm profile links and code portfolios:

: Darrell R. Ulm

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