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An minimal PHP MVC framework, for the fun.

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Darrell Ulm’s BookList Pages

The links below have listings of tomes read on the bookshelf and future volumes to consume from the GoodReads profile pages for Darrell Raymond Ulm.

GoodReads profile for Darrell Ulm

The book list is mostly covering comp. sci., parallel computing, and algorithms.

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Darrell Ulm profile WordPress.org

Learning more about WordPress and Drupal migrations and best ways to perform the database migrations for Views/Ubercart in Drupal and how to recreate in WooComerce. Darrell Ulm’s WordPress.org profile links are below:

Darrell Ulm WordPress Support Page
Darrell Ulm WordPress Main Profile Page

Finding well traveled WordPress plug-ins and learning about WP-API for custom plug-in development in PHP, similar to Drupal 5, 6, and 7.

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