Library Technology Guide: Koha 3.2.0 announcement, includes code by Darrell Ulm

From the Library Technology Guides, October 22, 2010 reference, and includes other contributors and notes about the Koha Integrated Library Software Open Source code release.

Here is the link for the Koha 3.2.0 announcement, reference to Darrell Ulm as code contributor.

Data Parallel Compiler Optimizer Code in C, by Darrell Ulm

The GitHub IO Page for a Data Parallel Compiler Optimizer by Darrell Raymond Ulm links to the GitHub Pages for a data-parallel compiler optimizer, written in C for Unix / Linux.

Stream PRAM and more Links for Research Paper, 2005, Darrell Ulm

This link , Stream PRAM, Darrell Ulm, Parallel Computation contains reference to more copies of the research paper by Darrell Ulm from the 2005 International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium/International Parallel Processing Symposium – IPDPS.

Darrell Ulm software development profile at OpenHub

Link shows past work, much has moved to GitHub for Darrell Ulm.

For work that was done further back before GitHub, some information is at: Darrell Ulm, Open Source Software profile at OpenHub, which is an interesting site to show open source contributions.

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Koha 3.2.0 Open Source ILS Announcement

This is the announcement link for Koha version 3.2.0 from 2010:

Koha 3.2.0 Open Source ILS Announcement

which has source code contributed by Darrell Ulm, October 22, 2010.

There were some nice enhancements for the 3.2 version compared to previous versions and was when the Koha version 3 started working better overall.

Associative Computing, Computer Science Department: Research Papers, at Kent State University

Includes Papers co-authored by Darrell Ulm on Parallel Computation

in the link above is a list of papers of Darrell Ulm, and others, authored while at Kent State University. The list has not changed much lately but it is a good document showing related works at the time.

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